Ubatuba Açai

Açai, pronounced ah-sy-ee, is a Brazilian berry that is gaining popularity in America due to its health-giving properties and its fantastic flavor! Some describe the açai berry as tasting a little like a mixture of raspberries and blackberries with an added touch of chocolate. However, the açai berry has its own unique flavor, as any Brazilian will tell you. Here at Ubatuba Açai, we want everyone to try this healthy and tasty treat and know what they've been missing.

We serve our açai in the form of an açai bowl, which is the most popular way to eat açai in Brazil. We put a dollop of frozen açai in the bottom of the bowl and pile on the toppings. The result is a refreshing and energizing snack or light meal that is positively addicting.At Ubatuba Açai, you get granola, bananas, strawberries and one other topping with your basic açai bowl. Extra fruit toppings inçlude blueberries, passionfruit, pineapple and many more. You can also add a scoop of Greek yogurt, peanut butter or nuts to increase protein and make your bowl even more indulgent. Or, try your açai all by itself in a cone or bowl.

More about Us!

What makes açai berries so incredibly healthy?

Our açai is very nutritious and also has anti-oxidants, which help protect your body's cells from damage caused by toxins and stress. While some people use açai extracts as a nutritional supplement in powder form, it's arguably healthier to eat the whole fruit, and it is definitely more delicious

We make sure to offer the most authentic form of açai in the bowl, so you can feel like you are at the beaches of Ubatuba, Brazil. The high açai content at Ubatuba proves it. With us, you will have a true açai bowl.

For those who want a savory snack or side dish, try our selection of empanadas: beef, corn, veggie... the list goes on. Have it with a fresh-squeezed orange juice or an açai smoothie. Thanks for checking us out!