549 S. Western Ave Los Angeles, CA 90020 Everyday: 7:30am - 11pm (213) - 590 - 1909 (213) - 590 - 1909
Small - $7 Medium - $9 Large - $13

Almada Bowl

Açai topped with banana, strawberries, blueberries and granola. Includes a honey drizzle.

Puruba Bowl

Açai topped with passion fruit, strawberries, pineapple and granola. Includes a honey drizzle.

Felix Bowl

Açai topped with banana, bee pollen, cacao bibs and granola. Includes a honey drizzle.

Cedro Bowl

Açai topped with banana, mango, chocolate chips and almonds. Includes a honey drizzle.

Uba Bowl

Açai topped with banana, strawberry, granola and your choice of extra topping. Includes a honey drizzle.

Açai Legal Bowl

More açai less toppings. Your açai base comes with your choice of two toppings.

Ubatooba Açai Bowl

Açai topped with Banana and Granola plus a honey drizzle.

Toppings - Extra $.75

Banana Strawberry Blueberry
Mango Pineapple Kiwi
Dried Fruits
Coconut Shavings Goji Berries Dates
Sliced Almonds Peanut Butter
Almond Butter Pacoquinha
A Few Others
Hemp Seeds Cacao Nibs Bee Pollen
Vegan Carob Chips Oats Extra Granola
Extra Honey ($.50)
Mixed In
Protein Powder Superpowder
Passion Fruit Pulp Guava Pulp
Greek Yogurt Chocolate Chips
Nutella Condensed Milk
Ninho (Milk Powder)

Açai Smoothies

Açai, Banana, Strawberry and a choice of low-fat milk, soy milk, almond milk, orange juice, apple juice or pineapple-coconut juice $7

Açai Dessert

Açai in a cone (Gluten-Free Cone)
Açai in a cup with two toppings

Orange Juice

Fresh squeezed 16oz $5


$3.75 each - 3 for $11
6 for $21 - 12 for $40
Beef Chicken Tomato Nutella
Beef & Jalapeno Chicken & Jalapeno Veggie
Ham & Cheese Pepperoni Corn Bacon

Pao De Queijo

$3.50 Cheese Bread (Does not contain gluten, made with Tapioca Flour)